Employment will be offered as a 12 month contract with the option to extend. Salaries may be exempt from federal income tax in accordance with U.S. laws; consult your tax advisor.

Our benefits package will include housing, medical care, local transportation, annual leave and holidays.

  • Western-style housing
  • Uniforms
  • Core medical coverage
  • Vacations and holidays
  • Sick leave in accordance with Saudi Labor Law
  • Mail Service
  • Additional health, dental, vision, and life insurance policies will be available for employees and family members at a reasonable premium


Saudi Arabia as a Travel Center

A hub for travel, Riyadh International Airport is serviced by multiple international carriers.  Due to Riyadh’s location, international travel destinations are only a few hours away. Services will be available by NGAA to assist you in your travel reservations to such locales as Thailand, Nepal, Egypt, India, the Philippines, countries on the European continent or even Africa for safaris, to mention a few.

Cairo, Egypt London, England
Heidleberg, Germany Airplane
Numerous cities are just a short flight away including Cairo, Egypt (top left), London, England (top right), and Heidelberg, Germany (bottom left).