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For further consideration, you should send a chronological military oriented resume and copies of supporting documentation such as:

  • Enlisted Records Brief or Officer Records Brief
  • Service Record Book and Officer Qualification Record
  • Military Course Certificates and Diplomas
  • DD Form 214 (Discharge Certificate)
  • Civilian Education Diplomas and Transcripts
  • ORB or DA 2-1
  • MOS leadership certificates
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Note: attached file must be no larger than 12Mb
U.S. Government Employee: Are you currently a U.S. Government employee?

Thank you for your interest in employment with Northrop Grumman Aviation Arabia, LLC.  Because you are a current US Government employee, you are required to complete the C-411 form and sign and date it.  If you have checked block 2 in Parts I or II, you may be contacted by an HR Representative and requested to provide additional information prior to any interview process beginning.

Download C-411 Form

Any downloaded documents must NOT contain your Social Security Number (SSN), including an SSN embedded in your resumé or  your DD254, if applicable.

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